Industry Overview

The bedrock of its economy, Fiji’s agriculture sector boasts numerous opportunities for foreign investments.

  • Over 4,200 square kilometers of land suitable for agriculture.The agriculture sector contributes approximately 8.1% to GDP.
  • In 2018 a total of 18 Agricultural projects were registered at a proposed value of $72 million.
  • Opportunities for foreign investors to lease or buy land.
  • Fiji is able to offer very low entry cost in agriculture business when compared to other countries.
  • Majority of exports concern Sugarcane, Taro (Dalo), Ginger, Pineapple, Papaya, Kava, Cassava
  • 884,887 residents and over 800,000 tourists create a lucrative domestic market of over 1.6 million people.
  • Fiji offer lucrative investment opportunities, in commercial rice, beef, sheep, goat and dairy farming.
  • Fiji has great potential for value addition of niche agricultural produce, such as processing of virgin coconut oil, ginger, vanilla and cocoa.
  • Huge potential for aquaculture – prawn, beach de-mer and fish farming

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