Industry Overview

The audio-visual industry in Fiji is filled with numerous opportunities for filmmakers and production companies.

In addition to year-round excellent weather, and exotic locations filled with exquisite flora and fauna, the Fijian government offers generous income tax deductions for audio-visual productions. Fiji is gradually becoming one of the best destinations when it comes to production locations on a global scale. There is a plethora of reasons to shoot a film or a television show in Fiji. Mentioned below are some of the more compelling ones.

Compelling Reasons to Shoot a Film or a Television Show in Fiji

Beautiful Locations with Excellent Climate

Fiji is a breathtakingly amazing destination in terms of exotic locations anywhere in the world. The country has spectacular beaches, vast tropical rainforests, waterfalls and rolling hills, as well as suburban locations.  Fiji is also warm and sunny year-round.

Competitive Labor Costs & Multilingual Community

Producers can find high-value labor for competitive wage rates. In addition, Fiji’s educated workforce is composed of diverse ethnicities who can speak a variety of languages, with English as the main business language.

Personal Assistance & Equipment

Film Fiji and licensed audio-visual agents offer assistance and facilitate permits and clearances, for film-makers to decide the perfect spots to film. Filming equipment such as lights, cameras, and jimmy jibs, area also available for hire. Other filming equipment not available locally may be brought in free of duty. *conditions apply

Top Rated Accommodations & Recreational Facilities

For non-shoot days, Fiji’s top-class hotels, spas, and recreational facilities and varied sports activities provide luxury rest to crews.

In 2014, Film Fiji issued 52 approvals to productions ranging from small budgets to those over F$10 million. While there is no minimum percentage of the film that needs to be shot in Fiji, production companies can access a range of filming incentives for different levels of investment in audio and visual production.

Popular movies & TV shows filmed in Fiji

  • His Majesty O’Keefe-1954
  • Blue Lagoon-1980
  • Return to the Blue Lagoon – 1992
  • Castaway – 2000
  • Anaconda: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid – 2006
  • Survivor – 2006, 2016


Industry Overview

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