Industry Overview

Fishing in Fiji is a cherished national recreational and social activity, in addition to being its third largest natural resource sector.

The fishing industry is also closely connected with its tourism industry, providing local fare, as well as recreational activities.

The success of Fiji’s fisheries sector is related to increased catch and pricing for export to the lucrative Japanese sashimi market. Moreover, the Fijian government also plans to extend its fisheries supply, which is aimed at growing its private sector markets and aquaculture at a global level, including increased small-scale tuna harvesting.

Investment Opportunities:

  • There are plenty of investment opportunities in the fishing industry of Fiji, with its vast marine resources of yellow fin tuna, skipjack, albacore, and big-eyed tuna. In addition, there are a total of 411 registered ‘Qoliqoli’ or customary fishing rights areas. This presents an abundance of opportunities to establish small and large scale business for tuna or non-tuna species.

  • Tuna is the major foreign investment opportunity for Fiji’s fishing industry and is supported by the development of domestic tuna long-line cannery and processing companies, and export to the important profitable sashimi and sushi markets in Japan and the United States.

  • Other areas of investment included inshore fisheries for the export of ornamental fish, and aquaculture for the harvesting of species such as prawns, shrimp, seaweed, sea cucumber, tilapia, milkfish, pearl oyster, sea grapes, Asian carp, ornament fish, giant clams and trochus.

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