Industry Overview

One of the thriving sectors in Fiji’s growing economy is manufacturing, which accounts for a majority of its gross domestic product (GDP).

The manufacturing industry consists of textiles, garments, footwear, sugar, tobacco, food processing, beverages (including mineral water), and wood processing. This includes the manufacture of physical or chemical materials or components into new products as well as the assembly of components for downstream manufacturing.

  • Fiji is the center of trade in the South Pacific with excellent communication infrastructure as well as air and sea transportation routes.
  • Potential investments in organic and natural food production, niche manufacturing and assembly for the greater Pacific region including Australia and New Zealand.
  • Quality raw materials from the main primary industries of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry offer value adding opportunities.
  • Given Fiji’s location and size, the key is niche and premium and what applies to agriculture also applies to manufacturing.
  • Duty exemption on raw materials imported for manufacturing that are later exported.
  • Fiji is signatory to various trade agreements which allows for better market access and provides a conducive investment climate and opportunities with other countries.

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