Mining & Groundwater

Industry Overview

Fiji’s mining and groundwater industry offers a great deal of investment benefits and opportunities for investors from throughout the world to encourage minerals deposits exploration in the country.

Fiji has been a major exporter of gold for the past 75 years with production being the mainstay of the mineral industry in the country. Moreover, the mineral commodity exports include:

  • Silver
  • Manganese
  • Base metals (Copper, Zinc, etc.)
  • Industrial minerals (marble, limestone, aggregate, etc.)
  • Phosphate
  • Deep sea minerals, including nickel, cobalt, copper and manganese

Fiji’s central geographic location on the major trade routes, coupled with the strategic geological setting, has attracted multinational exploration companies to invest and prospect for potential minerals deposits in Fiji.

Fiji is also renowned for its mineral water product exports, including the popular “Fiji Water” brand.  Mineral water has been a success story in terms of being one of the top export commodities and has further given confidence to entrepreneurs to develop bottling plants indicating market growth potential for groundwater from Fiji.

The mining and groundwater industry plays a critical role in facilitating Fiji’s economy. The country’s geographical advantages, located in the Pacific – has attracted thousands of global mining and exploration companies throughout the years. Currently, the country has more than 51 companies that are involved in the exploration for potential mineral deposits on land. Several companies have been granted licenses for exploring deep sea minerals.

There is no minimum investment requirement for undertaking any activities in this industry sector.

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