Why Fiji?

Opportunities in Fiji

The question should rather be, why not Fiji?  Investing in Fiji gives you the chance to experience a unique combination of thriving business opportunities and an invigorating lifestyle.

This archipelago of more 332 islands has a multitude of opportunities to offer in the traditional economic sectors.  The island’s rapidly emerging sectors, such as manufacturing and information and communications technology (ICT) are also ideal for investment.

Fiji has a consistent and positive track record in attracting investors from around the globe. In fact, there are many people who have re-invested in Fiji.

Wondering why? Well, here are a few good reasons to invest in Fiji:

  • Quick registration of foreign investment projects.
  • Having an excellent strategic position, Fiji is a regional and global hub for the South Pacific region.  Its shipping and air travel routes also make it a hub for global communications and transportation.
  • A comprehensive trade and investment package, including tax free regions, duty concessions, tax exemption and investment allowance.
  • A comparatively low corporate tax rate of 20%
  • 10% corporate tax rate for companies listed in the South Pacific Stock Exchange
  • 17% corporate tax rate for companies that establish or relocate their Headquarters to Fiji
  • A well-developed infrastructure, including water supply, electricity, roads, international airports and wharfs.
  • Good health and medical facilities with a private modern hospital.
  • Availability of land for building and factory construction at reasonable rates.
  • State-of-the-art telecommunication infrastructure that connects Fiji with the rest of the world.
  • Well-developed financial and banking institutions that offers a full range of financial services.
  • A government that supports local and foreign investment and is focused on bringing reforms that will further improve business conditions.
  • A well educated workforce, with the literacy rate standing at 93.7%
  • Fiji has signed various trade agreements with many countries, providing better market access and investment opportunities with other countries.

So, what are you waiting for? Profit from the extremely beneficial investment opportunities in Fiji, while enjoying the generous tax benefits!